Baby Event

In case you all didn't know the Aldi baby event is coming soon. I don't actually shop at Aldi myself but their baby event is something not to miss! I thought I'd share a few things I came across which are in store on 17th August. If you are unicorn mad, perhaps you'll like these: [...]

Pregnancy pillow

  I always struggled to sleep at night throughout my pregnancy and was looking at pregnancy pillows for quite a while. I ended up purchasing the Carla Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pregnancy Support Pillow and I can honestly say it really did help me sleep at night (well as much as anything can whilst pregnant). [...]

Our Baby Shower’s

My baby shower. July 16th was my baby shower. WOW, My Baby Shower!! Something I had always wanted to have. Myself and my mum planned the whole thing!  I wanted a English garden party theme so the fate of the day was in the hands of the weather. Luckily the weather held out and the [...]