Get the look

I've been searching for a lot of clothes lately (mainly for our holiday this month) and I came across this ribbed jumpsuit from Zara. It's literally the comfiest thing I've ever worn and it looks great, at an affordable price of £17.99 what more could you want? It also comes in Black and Red - I [...]

A baby in the Sun

Well it's officially getting warmer, but having a baby in this heat is a complete game changer... No more topping up your tan whilst swigging on a gin and tonic. Your main priority now is to ensure your baby isn't going to get burnt or stressed out due to the heat. Here are a few [...]

Local attractions

There are so many different places to visit when you have a baby/ child but it's always nice to visit somewhere you've never been before. Today me, my friend and our little girls went to The Play barn at Poringland and we loved it! At just £4 if your child is crawling or £7.50 if [...]

Baby clothes

I absolutely love buying Liberty clothes I spend so much money so I always look out for a bargain from time to time. I thought I'd share a few with you that I have recently come across. These 3 tops were in the sale at Matalan for £4.50! They are perfect for the summer as [...]

Bath time

Bathing a baby is obviously a worrying thing to do especially when you are a first time mum. The first time we bathed Liberty she HATED it now she is such a water baby so I thought I would share with you what I found handy and what I didn't think was so great. For [...]

Back to Work

When you go on Maternity leave you sort of rub it in people's faces the fact you haven't got to go to work for at least 9 whole months, but what you do forget is those 9 months absolutely fly by and you have to go back before you know it.   I cannot believe [...]

My Babiie High Chair

When deciding on a high chair there were so many colours/ designs/ styles to choose from I didn't know what I wanted or what was good. I done a lot of research on choosing a high chair for Liberty as I knew it would get used so frequently and over such a long period of [...]

Our 1st Mothers Day

Such a wonderful day celebrating all the mothers that work around the clock looking after their babies. Today is extra special for me as it's my 1st mothers day as a mummy! Opening my card this morning and reading the message was such a heart melting moment. (Thank you daddy) Here's a few photos of [...]

Denim in Spring

I'm not exactly one for bright colours (only on the odd occasion) so you'll notice most of my clothes are fairly neutral. I absolutely love a denim jacket now spring is here, here are a couple of casual outfits I've put together: Outfit details: Sunglasses - Gucci Necklace - Christian Dior Denim Jacket - Next [...]

No time for hair

Now I have a baby I don't have much time on my hands and really struggle to look after my hair (as much as I'd like to). I thought I would share a few items that I rely on for a quick and easy hair routine: Hair towel -  these are an absolute life safer for [...]