Baby Event

In case you all didn't know the Aldi baby event is coming soon. I don't actually shop at Aldi myself but their baby event is something not to miss! I thought I'd share a few things I came across which are in store on 17th August. If you are unicorn mad, perhaps you'll like these: [...]

Bath time

Bathing a baby is obviously a worrying thing to do especially when you are a first time mum. The first time we bathed Liberty she HATED it now she is such a water baby so I thought I would share with you what I found handy and what I didn't think was so great. For [...]

Back to Work

When you go on Maternity leave you sort of rub it in people's faces the fact you haven't got to go to work for at least 9 whole months, but what you do forget is those 9 months absolutely fly by and you have to go back before you know it.   I cannot believe [...]

My Babiie High Chair

When deciding on a high chair there were so many colours/ designs/ styles to choose from I didn't know what I wanted or what was good. I done a lot of research on choosing a high chair for Liberty as I knew it would get used so frequently and over such a long period of [...]

Our days out in Norfolk

As Priya is getting older we have started taking her out to local children's attractions. She is obsessed with looking at animals so where better to go than Wroxham Barns & Banham Zoo. I was really unsure when the right time was to take Priya to a children's attraction. I didn't want her to be [...]

What to pack in your hospital bag

It can be extremely difficult choosing what to pack in your hospital bag as you can never plan your labour or how long you'll be in hospital for but one thing you don't want to do is overpack. This may not be for everyone but here are a few things I found extremely useful and [...]