Priyas 1st Birthday

Everyone has said to me many times ‘when you have children times goes even faster’ and you kinda just agree but my god this year has FLOWN by. How is my little 6lb new born baby 1 already.

So of course we had a birthday party for her and she got absolutely spoilt by everyone. Here are a few photos of her on her big day!!

The morning our baby girl turned 1!!


One of Priyas favourite toys she loves to play with is her dolly. I am so pleased she got one as she kisses and cuddles it it’s so cute!


We bought Priya this swing as her birthday present. It is from John Lewis and such great quality. She LOVES it.


We decorated our garden ready for the big day!! Priya LOVED the soft play we hired from Little Land it’s such a great idea for a 1 year old. I did think about getting a bouncy castle but I didn’t think she would benefit from it as much as the soft play. Im so happy we hired that instead. Maybe she could have a bouncy castle for her 2nd birthday.


I decorated her cake. It’s not perfect but I definitely want to make a habit of baking all of her birthday cakes as I loved it when my mum made mine as I grew up. As she gets older I will experiment more but at the minute she isn’t really into anything so a simple cake was perfect for me and my novice cake baking skills.

Photo on 07-08-2017 at 08.24 #3Photo on 07-08-2017 at 08.25 #3

We are so thankful for all of Priyas wonderful gifts! She is one lucky toddler!

Paige x





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