Pregnancy pillow


I always struggled to sleep at night throughout my pregnancy and was looking at pregnancy pillows for quite a while. I ended up purchasing the Carla Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pregnancy Support Pillow and I can honestly say it really did help me sleep at night (well as much as anything can whilst pregnant).


I got a lot of pain in my sides from constantly sleeping on them but when I used the pillow I found it helped massively. It was shaped like the number 9, I would put the bottom part in between my legs and it relieved some of the weight being put on my hips. I seriously couldn’t have lived without it in bed – especially towards the end!


It was also was a massive life saver after having Liberty because I had stitches, lets just say it wasn’t the comfiest to sit straight on to a chair or a sofa, so I use to shape it into a circle and sit on it, which of course prevented pressure down there.


Finally, I used the pillow a lot with Liberty as a new born, it was like her own little nest. I would shape it into a circle and lay her inside with her head resting on the cushion (obviously supervised at all times), this was one of the only ways I could lay her down as a new born, otherwise she would just scream and want to be in my arms/ on my boob.

Who’d have thought a cushion could help a person in so many ways?

I cannot recommend this product enough and if you choose to invest, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

I bought mine from Argos for £42.99 but Ive literally just found it on offer for half price on precious little ones (one of my favourite websites for buying baby bits) see the link below – be quick to get yours now:


S x


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