Going on Holiday with a Baby

Earlier this year we booked our first family holiday, I was so nervous going on holiday with a baby for the first time as you never know what it’s going to be like, but we had the most amazing time and it was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be.

I thought I would share a few things that I found extremely useful during our holiday as I really struggled to find a good list

For the plane:

We were extremely lucky on the plane as Liberty slept for 2 hours (on a 4 hour flight) both there and back but here are a few items I couldn’t have been without.

  • A Rucksack – you definitely need both hands free in the airport so it’s no good taking a bag that weighs you down one side or uses a hand. I got mine from next for £38


  • A blanket – I took her blanket with us as I always find the plane gets a little chilly and it was definitely more comforting for her whilst asleep on my lap, or you can even use it to rest your arm on, a baby laying on you for 2 hours is not comfortable.
  • Snacks – you can never have enough, bring their favourites, it keeps them distracted!
  • Portable changing mat – this was good for both the plane and actually being on holiday. The changing mat folds open and has a section for nappies and wipes so everything is stored together. I got mine from Jojo Maman Bebe for £12.00 but I did see them in home bargains for £4.99 if you are looking to spend a little less.


  • Breast – if you breastfeed you will be so thankful you do when on the plane and on holiday, for me it made things so much easier as I know it gets her to sleep or she just uses it for comfort and I didn’t have to worry about bringing bottles and formula with me.
  • New toys – I bought liberty 3 little toys from Sainsbury’s to bring with us, obviously being new, it kept her distracted for a lot longer than her old toys would have.
  • Cotton wool – I used wet cotton wool for Libertys ears as I know it can be quite painful taking off and landing, I’m not sure whether it helped but we didn’t have any crying.


  • Large Muslin square – This is one of the last items I packed as I don’t really use them anymore, but i can honestly say this was a life saver! I used it for a thin blanket, putting it over the stroller in the evening to prevent mosquito bites (it is not recommended to put a Muslin over a pram in the sun), I also felt more uncomfortable feeding in public so I used the Muslin to cover up.
  • Inflatable baby float with canopy – I actually borrowed this from a friend and it was so useful. Liberty loved being in the pool so it was perfect as it meant she could still be shaded whilst in there. I’ve found the exact one on eBay for £9.49
having fun in the pool with Nanny
  • Sunsafe (full swimsuit) – i didn’t have to worry about liberty getting burnt whilst wearing this as it’s made from UPF fabric. I also found it kept Liberty cool after she came out of the pool as it stayed wet for quite a while – We got Liberty’s from Mothercare
  • Keppi (hat)- we paired this with her sunsafe or swimsuit everyday it’s also made from UPF fabric and covers their ears and neck which are places most likely to burn. They don’t look great but they definitely do the job.
  • Sun hat – when she was out of the pool we used a sun hat at all times to prevent her head or face getting burnt, especially as she doesn’t have much hair.
Having a snooze with the sunhat over her eyes
  • Aerosol sun cream – so much easier than just a spray or cream especially with a crawling baby that won’t keep still.


  • Drinking cup – it is very important to ensure they have lots of water in the heat so just keep offering it to them as much as you can.



  • GoPro – I got one for my birthday and it was amazing for capturing pictures (both in the pool and out).

I hope I’ve given you some ideas/ help on what to pack for a baby on holiday. Just remember to enjoy every second as it goes so quickly.


If you have any questions or worries about going abroad, please feel free to email me, I’d love to be able to help!


S x


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