A baby in the Sun

Well it’s officially getting warmer, but having a baby in this heat is a complete game changer… No more topping up your tan whilst swigging on a gin and tonic. Your main priority now is to ensure your baby isn’t going to get burnt or stressed out due to the heat.

Here are a few things I have relied on over the last few days…

Factor 50 sun cream – this is one you can’t forget, their skin is much more sensitive than ours and is prone to getting burnt, so you’ll need to keep topping this up every couple of hours (especially if they go swimming or sweat a lot).


Sun hat – this protects their face, neck, head (especially when they don’t have much hair) and ears.


Capped sleeve lightweight cotton top – Shoulders can burn so easily so having them covered up in the sun is the best way to protect them, make sure you dress them in something lightweight as babies can easily overheat.


A picnic blanket and parasol – Babies love being outside there’s so much more to look at and as we all know it’s nice to be out of the house even if it is just in the garden. Laying out a picnic blanket and a few toys with a parasol over them works perfectly and even gives you a chance to sit in the sun beside them (even if it is for 5 minutes).

FullSizeRender 35

Paddling pool – A paddling pool in the shade really cools them down, sometimes the heat can really stress them out. I found when putting Liberty in her pool it calmed her down so much and she loved playing around in the water especially with these cups from Mothercare.


I hope you all enjoy the hot weather as much as we do and remember to make sure your baby is protected from the sun at all times.


S x


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