My Birth Story

It was Friday 5th august 2016. Hayden and I had just gone to buy a cream sofa (bad idea) Β that morning, I went for afternoon tea and that evening we played poker with the family (I won) and then went to bed at 11pm.

Exactly 2am I woke up. “Oh my god wake up Hayden my waters have broken”
As you can imagine Hayden woke up in a complete panic.
“Oh wait hold on… have I peed?”
I had no idea. We tried to go back to sleep but through the anticipation we couldn’t.
Ouch ouch ouch!!!! My waters had broken and the contractions had already started.
By 4am they were getting strong. We had stayed over at Hayden’s mums that night and because I wasn’t due for another 2 weeks I didn’t have my hospital bag, car seat, notes or anything.
At 6am I called my mum and told her the news. She sent my dad on the 2 hour round trip to our house to grab everything I needed for the hospital.
By 10am I couldn’t take the pain and the tens machine just wasn’t enough. Hayden drove to the hospital with mum in the back with me. Every bump in the road was like being shot in the back a thousand times over.
Finally, we arrived at the LBU. I planned to have a water birth so I jumped straight in the bath with the gas and air. I couldn’t get comfortable and the pain was excruciating. I cried out for an epidural. The midwives noticed the amount of pain I was in so she got me onto the bed and examined me. Priya was back to back. The midwives explained that when the baby is back to back labour is even more painful.
I needed an epidural badly. Something I didn’t want to have. I was butt naked spiralled out on the bed then the news came I had be waiting for for hours. I CAN HAVE AN EPIDURAL!! I lept off the bed about to run down to the delivery suite “WAIT, you need to put some clothes on”
I didn’t care I was naked I just needed to get to that epidural.
After I had covered up what little dignity I had left and had the last puff on the gas and air I was wheeled down to the delivery suite.
I got on the bed and cuddled my best friend (the gas and air) until I got some more news. I had been examined and I was 10cm so the epidural was pointless. I had to push!!!
“Ok Paige I need you to push on your contractions.”
I couldn’t feel a thing. My contractions where still coming but I couldn’t feel them. I still, to this day, don’t know if this was normal but I wasn’t complaining. I pushed when I thought was right and 35 minutes later at 3.19pm on 6th august 2016 our little baby girl was welcomed into the world. The most amazing, breath taking experience Hayden and I have ever experienced.

My mum was a great support throughout the whole day and she loved seeing her 1st grandchild welcomed into the world. By 4.30pm I had showered and was dressed ready to go home with our baby girl. We had to wait to be discharged which took ages! 11.30pm we finally had finished all the checks and were discharged. I’m SO glad I didn’t have to stay in the hospital over night.

Other than Priya being back to back my labour couldn’t have been better. Both Priya and I were absolutely fine, I didn’t need any stitches as I didn’t tear, my labour was short and she latched on my breast perfectly. I was so lucky.

I also had Priyas birth recorded. Some people cringe when I tell them, some people cannot wait to see it. I LOVE showing people the video as it’s such a proud moment in my life. I cannot wait to show Priya the video when she is old enough! I would HIGHLY recommend videoing it if you can. You will treasure it forever.

Let me know about your birthing experiences, we’d love to hear your stories.



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