Meal time

I introduced food to Priya when she turned 4 months. She was breast feeding a lot more and watching our forks travel to our mouths, so I knew she wanted more than just breast milk.

I started Priya on baby rice and baby porridge but that soon turned into 3 meals a day. So here’s what Priya eats on a daily basis…

– Ella’s kitchen or Organix baby porridge & fruit grapes or strawberries usually.

οΏΌ- Farleys Rusk, warm milk and a spoon full of smashed banana.

I only give Priya the Farleys breakfast occasionally as I worry there is more sugar in that than the porridge.

– White or brown warm bread with Dairylea Triangle, ham, butter or avocado. Organix or Ella’s kitchen carrots puffs, Organix sweet corn puffs, cucumber and Fruit/biscuit

– Chicken and vegetable broth
– Lasagne
– Skinless sausage & vegetables
– Fish pie
– Scramble egg with toast
– Toad in the hole
– Jacket potato with beans

I always make sure the food I give Priya is low in salt and I don’t add any to her food. I make the scramble egg with her formula milk and use Bisto reduced salt gravy.

– homemade banana custard (no sugar)
– Heinz chocolate pudding (very occasionally)
– Fruit
– Organix fruit pots
– FreshΒ yoghurt
– Petits Filous

All of Priya’s meals are home made as I find easier. I love cooking roast dinners so whenever I do I always cook extra for Priya and freeze them. I also have a bag of frozen sweet potato mashΒ which I add 2 cubes of to her meat and veg meals.

I am so lucky as Priya eats so well. She hasn’t tried one thing yet that she has gagged or spat out. She wolfs everything down (especially her breakfast) but she does know when to stop, thankfully.

I hope if you’re on your way to start your baby on solids you take some tips from this post! Good luck.

P x


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