Stacey Barrett Photography

I’m not a massive fan of getting my photos taken professionally. I always feel under pressure, awkward and nervous.

I decided to agree to a photoshoot with Stacey Barrett. I was feeling a little nervous as obviously with a baby everything is so unexpected. What if Liberty wasn’t happy? what if I couldn’t cheer her up in front of someone else? what If she does an explosive poo? Am I going to look like a bad mum?

As soon as I arrived stacey made me feel at ease, her professional but friendly attitude made me feel so welcome and comfortable.

Liberty was an absolute angel during the shoot but I think this was mostly to do with the fact that she LOVED the attention she was getting from Stacey whilst having her photos taken- she was such a natural with babies.

The best part of the whole shoot was the fact there was absolutely no ‘posing’ involved, it was a completely natural shoot so she spoke to us the whole way through but you would never tell by the amazing photos captured and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Here are just a few of the beautiful photos that I will forever treasure.

Please take a look at Stacey’s website here and get in contact with her If you are looking to book a maternity/ newborn/ babyΒ shoot.

S x


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