Our 1st Mothers Day

Such a wonderful day celebrating all the mothers that work around the clock looking after their babies.

Today is extra special for me as it’s my 1st mothers day as a mummy! Opening my card this morning and reading the message was such a heart melting moment. (Thank you daddy)

Here’s a few photos of us celebrating today…

Priya decided to get all her food down her dress! But we’re still smiling.

I have such a strong little bunny. She is only 8 months but she insists on walking everywhere she goes!


We went for lunch by the Norfolk Broads but first stopped for a cup of tea in the sun, such a lovely way to start off our day.


Celebrating four generations – not sure Priya is so impressed.


After such a busy day outside in the sunshine and eating lots of yummy food it’s finally nap time.

Mummy’s I hope you’ve had a lovely day with your babies and all got spoilt because you deserve it.

P x

Not only did I share this Mothers day with the most inspiring woman in my life, I also had a purpose this mothers day and got to share it with my daughter too.

 I woke up to a card and some beautiful flowers.


Me and my sister (and Liberty) then treated my Mum to afternoon tea at Sprowston Manor, which was delicious!


I then left Liberty with Blake for a couple of hours (for the 3rd time in 8 months and missed her like crazy) and went to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast with my Mum Nan and sister, we had such a lovely time and the film was truly amazing!


I really had such a perfect day spent with my loved ones, but most of all I am so grateful to call Liberty my daughter and it really is an honour to be her Mother… Its the most precious gift of all!


I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day, just don’t forget to be grateful for your Mum everyday… Not just on Mothers day.

S x


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