Denim in Spring

I’m not exactly one for bright colours (only on the odd occasion) so you’ll notice most of my clothes are fairly neutral.

I absolutely love a denim jacket now spring is here, here are a couple of casual outfits I’ve put together:


Outfit details:

  1. Sunglasses – Gucci
  2. Necklace – Christian Dior
  3. Denim Jacket – Next
  4. Top – Zara
  5. Jeans – Topshop
  6. Shoes – Next


Outfit details:

  1. Jumper – Zara
  2. Trainers (Vans) – Office


Outfit details:

  1. Shirt – Next
  2. Over the knee boots – River Island

To dress this look up I would simply switch my over the knee boots with some black or nude court heels.

I wouldn’t say my fashion sense has changed since having a baby but breastfeeding definitely has an effect on it, more so when I hadn’t fully mastered it. I will do a post on clothes I found extremely easy to breastfeed in soon.

S x


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