Bottle to Breast – Breast to Bottle

From day one I knew I wanted to breast feed. I wasn’t nervous about getting my boob out in public or what people would think, all that ran through my mind was ‘breast is best’. It’s no secret that breast is best and as every mum does, you want to give the best to your baby.

Priya’s first ever feed was a good half hour latched onto my boob. I thought fantastic I’ve concurred it!! We arrived home, after being discharged from hospital, and she wouldn’t latch on again. I was confused, stressed and I panicked I was starving my baby so I gave in after a couple minutes of crying and gave her a bottle.

The next morning the midwife came round and helped me with breast feeding again. She got Priya latched on (after a few goes) and she fed perfectly!
I was so thrilled but also upset. Why couldn’t I get my baby to latch on myself?
The same happened for the next 2 days. At this point I was ready to give up breast feeding completely. I hated seeing my baby cry and I just could not get her to latch on myself. I was devastated and so upset.
On day 4 my mum was at my house and she said if you truly want to breast feed you won’t give up. I complained and cried I can’t do it. She said it will just happen, Priya will just latch on but you have to persevere. And she was right! Priya latched on perfectly that very same day. She did not have one bottle after that.. Exclusively breast fed from that moment right up until 6 and a half months.

I was so proud of myself and ready to stop breast feeding.
“Priya will accept a bottle, she had one for the first few days of her life” I remember saying to Sophie.
Oh boy I was wrong.
I stressed so much about getting Priya on to my boob and now I can’t get her off!

Priya would scream when faced with a bottle of formula, so again I got stressed and upset and gave in. The same words of wisdom from my mum helped me persevere! 2 weeks, 5 different bottles, tears (from us both), frustration and 1 tub of wasted formula she had FINALLY accepted the Medela bottle!
Ahhhhh!! I was so happy I had done it! Perseverance and a little bit of support had paid off. Thank you mum!

The Medela bottle is great, it’s designed for breast milk but formula was fine for me too. I would thoroughly recommend the Medela bottle for transitioning breast to bottle. However, persistence plays a huge roll too so don’t give up, they will get there in the end.

Priya is now accepting Tommee Tippee bottles. I had bought 6 of before she was born and desperately wanting her to use them so it wasn’t a waste. Thankfully she takes them now problem now!

Email me your stories about your baby’s transition from breast to bottle –

P x


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