Our Baby Shower’s

My baby shower.

July 16th was my baby shower. WOW, My Baby Shower!! Something I had always wanted to have. Myself and my mum planned the whole thing!  I wanted a English garden party theme so the fate of the day was in the hands of the weather. Luckily the weather held out and the day was such fun..
Here are a few unseen photos…

I love cocktails and cake. 2 of my favourite things! I made a Victoria sponge with fresh berries and a few different cocktails & mocktails. I also have the BIGGEST sweet tooth so with my pink theme I needed pink sweets I had Bonbons, Pick & Mix, Lolly Pops, milk bottles, space ships and Shrimp – a great little touch.

One of my closest friends had some personalised cupcakes made me which is such a great idea for any event! LOVED THEM!

Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 11Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 23Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 24Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 25Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 27

Games!!! One of the funniest games we played was ‘Whats in the nappy?’. We got anything that was brown and edible and wiped it in a nappy. Everyone had their noses in and their faces were HILARIOUS! Marmite, Snickers, gravy, chutney you name it was used.

Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 37Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 36Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 35Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 34Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 33Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 32Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 31Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 39Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 38

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of presents we received for our little girl. We were truly spoilt and loved every single item. Clothes, rocking horse, toys, baby creams and little tiny shoes… adorable.

Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 42Paiges Baby Shower 16:07:16 43

Such an overwhelming day spent with all our friends and family. All celebrating the baby we were about to welcome into the world!

P x

My baby shower was held at my parents house, my mum and sister done such an amazing job organising it from the decorations to the afternoon tea and drinks.


So my baby shower was supposed to be a surprise but I had to know if I was having one so I could order a dress. It really wasn’t easy trying to find a nice maternity dress. I looked everywhere for a nice pink dress (because I was having a girl) but there wasn’t any I liked at all, not to mention everything I tried on made me look HUGE. I ended up getting my dress from Asos, I would highly recommend checking out their maternity range they have some lovely clothes.

We played a few games which I thought I’d share with you (for those looking for some ideas):

A Quiz: This was purely questions about me- I was actually really surprised with the amount that people knew about me

Pin the dummy on the baby: exactly that!


Guess the weight and date: This one was lovely for me to look through to see what people’s thoughts were on when my baby would be born and how much she would weigh.

Measure the bump: Everyone had to guess the circumference of my bump with ribbon or whatever you can find!

I had the most amazing day and me and Liberty got thoroughly spoilt by all of our family and friends. What did you do for your baby shower?


We would love to hear about it, email us ourforeverlp@outlook.com

S x


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