What to pack in your hospital bag

It can be extremely difficult choosing what to pack in your hospital bag as you can never plan your labour or how long you’ll be in hospital for but one thing you don’t want to do is overpack.

This may not be for everyone but here are a few things I found extremely useful and could not have been without:

1. A flannel – a cold flannel on your forehead whilst in labour is the most amazing feeling ever (especially if you are planning on having a water birth).
2. A sugary drink – I took a orange Lucozade sport with me and drank all of it, it really did help with exhaustion.
3. Pyjamas/ tracksuit – something comfy to get into after giving birth, believe me you’ll need it!
4. Slippers/flip flops – if like me you get kept in for a short while a pair of slip on shoes are extremely handy to wonder around in and also easy to take off when you want to lay back down again
5. Lansinoh nipple cream – If you are planning on Breastfeeding this stuff will be your best friend. Your nipples will get extremely sore but if you start applying this from day 1 after every feed it will certainly help ease the pain a little.
6. Bridget Jones underwear and maternity pads – I got a pack of underwear from Primark and used them for the first few days, not attractive but you’ll be glad you have them and you can never have too many maternity pads.
7. A Hairband – I’m sure this is one you’ll all remember but you definitely will want your hair out of your face.
8. 2x sleep suits – you obviously are going to need an outfit for your baby to come home in – remember he/she has just been naked for the last 9 months so you don’t want to put them in anything too uncomfortable.
9. Bath towel and toiletries – this is only if you are planning on having a shower there – I didn’t.

The hospital actually provided me with cotton wool, nappies etc but you might want to bring your own.

Don’t forget to bring your car seat (and a fluffy blanket), you won’t be able to leave the hospital without one.

I brought 2 bags with me, 1 for me and 1 for the baby (I actually used my changing bag for baby stuff). I’m sure there is plenty more you will think of but I’ve just posted items I found extremely useful and I couldn’t have been without.

I hope this list comes in handy.

S x


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