Baby ‘Must Haves’

Before having Priya I thought I had bought all the baby necessities for her. I bought a pram, car seat and Isofix, cot, changing table, creams, vests, bottles etc you name it… I bought it.

However, once she was born and getting older I realised although all these things are a definite must I had forgotten about some of the smaller necessities… so, here are my top 10 ‘must haves’

        1       Fisherprice Jumperoo: I put this first because it was a LIFE SAVER (and still is). I know so many mums would agree. It would entertain Priya for such a long period of time which allowed me to get on. I bought this when Priya was 3 months old, too small to use it however, I would sit her in it and gently bounce and rock her. SHE LOVED IT!! They range from £40+ and worth every penny.

        2       Caboo lite Carrier: Sophie had a carrier because Liberty hated her push chair. I needed to get one as I live in a very rural area and love going on country walks, so you can imagine the push chair isn’t always convenient. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the one. It was comfortable, easy to put on and has such soft material. It has 4 different carrying positions and its suitable from birth to 32lbs. We use it all the time!!


        3       Sophie La Giraffe: Every baby I know has a ‘Sophie’. Priya has her first tooth piercing through and Sophie the Giraffe has come in handy when she is grizzly because she’s teething. It’s small enough to pop in your changing bag pocket, so you have it when you’re on the go. A perfect size to fit in her mouth and this one has handles which makes its easy for her to hold on to!

        4       Snuffle Babe: Every baby will have a cold at some point. For a mother its horrible to see your little one struggling to breath through their nose when feeding. I was given Snuffle Babe Nasal Drops as a gift at my baby shower and I’ve almost used the bottle already. You squeeze a small amount up the baby’s nose which helps clear their airway. Also I bought the Nasal Aspirator. You put one end in your mouth and one end up their nostril and suck. Sounds disgusting I know. There is a filter so nothing comes shooting down your throat don’t worry. I would be lost without this at night especially. The extra hours sleep I have had because of this is unreal! A definite MUST.

        5      Mamas & Papas My 1st Playmat & Gym: This is one of my favourite baby shower gifts. My 1st Playmat is neutral so goes well in any room and is super soft. When Priya first laid in it she was mesmerised by the dangling teddy bear and stars. Now Priya is older I sit her up in it and attach her toys to the frame which dangles down. I call it her Jungle!

        6       Johnsons Bedtime Baby Lotion: This smells amazing!! Every night I smother Priya in the bedtime lotion after her bath. It keeps her skin from drying out but best of all its proven to help your baby sleep better. BONUS!

        7       Bumbo: A Bumbo is a perfect secure seat for a little one to sit in whilst you’re preparing food, meal time or just play time as you can pile the tray with toys. Priya loves it because she sits on the work top or breakfast bar and is at the same height as us. Perfect so I can keep an eye on her.

        8       Mother Care Sleeping bag: I’ve only recently bought a sleeping bag for Priya. She loves being snug in her cot. She would kick off the blanket from her legs and wake herself up becasue she is cold. With a sleeping bag there is no way of kicking it off and it is much safer than a blanket. Since Priya has been in her sleeping bag she now has started to sleep through the night… now if that isn’t a perk I don’t know what is!!!

        9       LaMaze caterpillar: LaMaze toys are great sensory toys that I would highly recommend. She has a few LaMaze toys but one of my favourite is her caterpillar. Its body is stuck together by velcro so it comes apart into sections. There is so much you can do with the caterpillar. With the velcro it allows me to sick it to her play mat which she loves and constantly squeezes the body as it makes a crunchy noise. Perfect for her sensory development. Any LaMaze toys I would highly recommend.

        10      White noise app: Sophie recommends this – Liberty doesn’t have a comforter. No dummy, no thumb, no softy. So in the car to soothe Liberty she plays a hairdryer noise. Believe it or not it works. Every car journey they take Sophie has the white noise app playing. She relies on it so much to soothe Liberty she takes her iPad everywhere she goes just incase her phone battery dies. It’s free from the App Store so if your baby doesn’t have a comforter and struggles to self settle its worth a go.
I wish I had a ‘Must Have list’ when buying for Priya so I hope this helps you when preparing for your new arrival or as your baby grows.

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