My Birth Story

I never got to a point in my pregnancy where I felt uncomfortable, even being full term I kept so active; taking my dog for long walks, gardening, spring cleaning… You name it, I could have ran a marathon (maybe not). Anybody that tells you keeping active brings on labour is a total liar, in fact, I can gladly say that nothing brings on labour, I tried every old wives tail out there and that is all they are.

5 whole days I went over by which really doesn’t seem long but every day that passes feels like a lifetime. For those 5 days I was trying my hardest to appreciate being pregnant but I just cried all day long. I never thought it was going to happen, I thought my body wasn’t capable of going into labour naturally and I thought I was going to have to be induced… Boy was I wrong.

On the 28th July at 3:30am I woke up to some mild pains which I got a lot of towards the end of my pregnancy but this time the pains were different. I noticed them coming and going so I decided to monitor them, it was at this point I thought I may be in labour. I was too scared to go back to sleep incase the contractions disappeared (what a mistake that was).

I sent Blake to work as there wasn’t much he could do to help. A few hours passed with the pains slightly worsening, I decided to take Luna out for a long walk, it was then I realised how much worse they had gotten, let’s just say it took me a lot longer to walk home than I expected.

At about 1pm I got on my birthing ball and watched Benjamin Button – I thought it would distract me from the pain but by 2pm I was on the phone to Blake telling him he should probably come home now, an hour and a half later he strolls in seeing me hunched over the sofa not being able to even speak (I don’t think he he actually realised how bad I was).

I called the hospital at about 4:30pm they told me to eat something carby, run a hot bath and try and stay at home for as long as possible. I stomached a few bits of pizza and got in the bath which felt absolutely amazing. My mum arrived (I had her and Blake as birthing partners) whilst I was in the bath and could see I was contracting every 2 minutes and told us we need to get to the hospital quickly, I got out and ready as quickly as a pregnant person in labour possibly could. On the way to the hospital my contractions dropped to 1 minute apart.

We arrived at the midwifery unit (I chose to give birth here instead of the delivery suite – I would highly recommend it) at 7:00pm where I could not stop being sick, they checked to see how far dilated I was… I was told I was 7cm, I was absolutely over the moon! I couldn’t believe I got to 7cm all on my own. I immediately asked for the gas and air (amazing stuff) and said I wanted a water birth. The midwife practically ran out of the room to fill the bath up as she didn’t think I had long before I started pushing.

I got in the bath at 7:30pm and was ready to push almost straight away, unfortunately for me I was pushing for a very long time. A few hours passed and still nothing but exhaustion, I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. The midwife checked her heartbeat and said it had started to drop and that I needed to get out of the bath and onto a bed as soon as possible, but when I stood up I had a contraction, I pushed through it and Liberty Alexa Jarvis arrived into the world at 11:48pm weighing 7lb 8oz. She was even more perfect than I ever could have imagined, nobody can explain the feeling you get when you first lay eyes on your child.

They gave me the injection in my leg to deliver my placenta (which by the way doesn’t hurt at all) and lead us to a room that we got to ourselves to stare in awe at our new beautiful baby girl. The midwife came in 15 minutes later and said that she checked my placenta and some of the membranes were missing, meaning I had to go into theatre to be operated on for the removal of the membranes and also plenty of stitches. I was so proud of myself for avoiding an epidural during labour but ended up having to have one anyway when I went into theatre.

I was then allowed back in our own room to be with the little person I had just carried for 9 months and even after all I had been through nobody could wipe that smile off of my face. We got transferred on to a ward late afternoon where they wanted me to stay overnight but I refused and got discharged. We left the hospital at 11:30pm to begin our life as a family of three ❤️.

S x


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