My Pregnancy

I’ve never wanted anything more out of life than to have my very own family. When I heard the words ‘let’s have a baby’ I felt like the happiest person in the world.

Trying for a baby can be a pretty stressful situation (even though we were lucky enough to conceive within 3 months). Easier said than done but the best thing you can possibly do is stay relaxed, it will happen when your body is ready.

The minute I found out I was pregnant the excitement kicked in instantly, so many thoughts ran through my head… How far along was I, was the baby healthy, how will I announce my pregnancy, was it a boy or a girl, How was I going to pull off going out with the girls that night without anybody noticing I wasn’t drinking???? (Let’s just say thank god I had a sister that agreed to sneakily down my drinks).


The first 16 weeks of my pregnancy were definitely the hardest, every day felt like a hangover x1000. The worst part was the fact that I had to go to work and pretend everything was fine but all I really wanted to do was lie in bed with my head in a bucket (if your are at this stage – don’t worry it gets better).


We had an early gender scan to find out the sex at A 4D Baby (would highly recommend) as I was far too impatient to wait 20 whole weeks! I really didn’t mind what the sex of the baby was, as long as it was healthy, I just couldn’t wait to go on a shopping spree.


At my scan I got told I had an anterior placenta so I didn’t feel any movement until around 20 weeks but also didn’t feel much movement in general, which resulted in me going up the hospital twice for ‘reduced movement’, but I learnt that little movement was normal for Liberty. If you are pregnant I cannot begin to explain to you how important it is for you to monitor the movement of your baby.


The whole way through my pregnancy my little bump was always measuring 3 weeks behind so I had regular scans at the hospital to ensure Liberty was growing as expected. I had my last scan at 37 weeks and I walked out of that scan knowing the next time I see that little face, she will be here with me, in my arms… And it was more precious than I ever could have imagined.

Birth story – coming soon!

Please feel free to email us your pregnancy journeys so far

S x


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