A Mums Need To Compare.

 Seeing L & P together you would never assume they were ONLY 9 days apart. Both exclusively breast fed but so different, Liberty is a chunky monkey where Priya is slim and petite… Its so true – you should never compare.


We have 2 happy, hyper & healthy babies who needs our attention 100% of the time. (Which is why this post is taking us so long to write) ((may I add they are both teething)).

From day one we could see a difference in personality. Priya was super content, chilled and hardly cried whereas Liberty… well… She was a handful to say the least.

Liberty discovered her voice and was super confident and smiley. Priya on the other hand seemed shy and still very much like a newborn. We put it down to her being 12 days early. As the weeks went by they had both developed in their own way and both hit their milestones…. Priya was actually first to sit up!!

Today, L & P are very much alike and it just goes to show it doesn’t matter who achieves what first. As much as every mum feels the need to compare their baby to others (We all do it), they all get there in the end.


S & P



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