Cry Baby Cry

So I’ve been thinking what my first post could be about all day but before I share with you my interests, I want start right from the beginning. Liberty was never a content baby, always crying and always unsettled. I thought to myself ‘wow’ I did not expect it to be this hard having a baby. A few weeks passed and the more I thought about her constantly crying the more it played on my mind… She always seemed as though she was in pain screaming out and would never want me to lie her down, even when she was sleeping. She was terrible at night time, terrible during the day, she never seemed happy and I felt like a failure. When meeting other babies I realised something wasn’t right, none of these other babies were unconsolable like Liberty. I decided to make an appointment at our GP… Liberty was booked in to be seen the same day by the nurse practitioner who I like to call ‘Mrs Trunchball’… Yes she is that scary!! Anyway we left the doctors being told I just had a ‘colicky’ baby.


A few more days passed and Liberty just got worse and worse so I phoned the doctors again and this time we came out with a hospital referral (which took forever). Liberty was seen just before Christmas and they asked me if I had ever heard of a cows milk protein allergy which I had indeed heard of due to the overuse of google. They advised it could possibly be that, so they asked me to cut dairy out of my diet (I breastfeed) and then they would review us in a month or so.

A month passed and I could not believe the difference it made by just avoiding dairy. Liberty had gone from this extremely grumpy baby to the happiest baby I had ever met. When we got to the hospital for her referral appointment they confirmed it… a CMPA is what she had and it took 6 LONG months to be diagnosed.

Now I have the happiest baby and I enjoy every second with her.

I would love to hear from anyone that wants to share their experiences they’ve had with a CMPA baby so feel free to email us

S x


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