Savouring Every Moment

Priya is 7 months old. How? How has time gone so fast? I am constantly looking at past photos of my beautiful little 6lb newborn baby. Its a cliché but its true.. they do grow up so fast.

I have a constant need to record every single exciting thing Priya does and I hope one day she enjoys reading about her life as much as I enjoy writing about it.

So 7 months down the line I am completely obsessed with my little family. I am for sure born to be a mum. I’m a typical stay at home mum. Besides looking after Priya I cook, clean, drink LOTS of tea and socialise with my friends. I can’t complain!

Now Priya is in a routine I love staying at home during the day. Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat.You know the score. So what do I do during Priya’s nap time? Put my feet up? catch up on TV? Not at all. I am generally catching up with cleaning, preparing food but what I love to do most is get out the scissors, Prit Stick and Priya’s scrap book. I take so many photos of Priya (what mum doesn’t) every day I want to have the hard copy in my hand.

These are some of my favourite pages of Priyas scrapbook.

This is not the first scrap book I’ve done. I’ve done one of my and Haydens relationship from day 1. Did I mention I was obsessed with my family? I will continue to do this for as long as possible and one day I hope Priya can help me.. or I’ll keep it as a surprise when she is old enough to understand… I’m not sure.
Blogging is the modern scrap booking so I thought I’d give it a go.

People who know me know I’m super creative, it’s in my bones so for my 1st post it had to be about “Savouring Every Moment”.

P x


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