Stacey Barrett Photography

I'm not a massive fan of getting my photos taken professionally. I always feel under pressure, awkward and nervous. I decided to agree to a photoshoot with Stacey Barrett. I was feeling a little nervous as obviously with a baby everything is so unexpected. What if Liberty wasn't happy? what if I couldn't cheer her [...]

My Home Interior Accessories

Buying our first home together was such an exciting time for us but also stressful. I was 7 and a half months pregnant when we exchanged and collected the keys. The house was newly renovated but we still wanted to put out own stamp on it so were quick to paint everything white to have a [...]

Our 1st Mothers Day

Such a wonderful day celebrating all the mothers that work around the clock looking after their babies. Today is extra special for me as it's my 1st mothers day as a mummy! Opening my card this morning and reading the message was such a heart melting moment. (Thank you daddy) Here's a few photos of [...]

Denim in Spring

I'm not exactly one for bright colours (only on the odd occasion) so you'll notice most of my clothes are fairly neutral. I absolutely love a denim jacket now spring is here, here are a couple of casual outfits I've put together: Outfit details: Sunglasses - Gucci Necklace - Christian Dior Denim Jacket - Next [...]

Bottle to Breast – Breast to Bottle

From day one I knew I wanted to breast feed. I wasn't nervous about getting my boob out in public or what people would think, all that ran through my mind was 'breast is best'. It's no secret that breast is best and as every mum does, you want to give the best to your [...]

No time for hair

Now I have a baby I don't have much time on my hands and really struggle to look after my hair (as much as I'd like to). I thought I would share a few items that I rely on for a quick and easy hair routine: Hair towel -  these are an absolute life safer for [...]

Our Baby Shower’s

My baby shower. July 16th was my baby shower. WOW, My Baby Shower!! Something I had always wanted to have. Myself and my mum planned the whole thing!  I wanted a English garden party theme so the fate of the day was in the hands of the weather. Luckily the weather held out and the [...]

What to pack in your hospital bag

It can be extremely difficult choosing what to pack in your hospital bag as you can never plan your labour or how long you'll be in hospital for but one thing you don't want to do is overpack. This may not be for everyone but here are a few things I found extremely useful and [...]

Baby ‘Must Haves’

Before having Priya I thought I had bought all the baby necessities for her. I bought a pram, car seat and Isofix, cot, changing table, creams, vests, bottles etc you name it... I bought it. However, once she was born and getting older I realised although all these things are a definite must I had forgotten [...]

My Birth Story

I never got to a point in my pregnancy where I felt uncomfortable, even being full term I kept so active; taking my dog for long walks, gardening, spring cleaning... You name it, I could have ran a marathon (maybe not). Anybody that tells you keeping active brings on labour is a total liar, in [...]